• Soil boring with disturbed and undisturbed sampling.
  • Standard Penetration Test (SPT).
  • Kunzelstab Penetration Test (KPT).
  • Field and laboratory testing.
  • Field testing using of Electric Dutch Cone Penetrometer.
  • Slope Stability Analysis.
  • Analysis and design of shallow and deep foundations.


Soil thermal resistivity tests are of great importance for various engineering projects where heat transfer takes place through the soil mass. Test results are used in the design and laying of solar panels, high voltage buried power cables, oil and gas pipe lines and many other underground structures.


Soil resistivity is a measure of how much the soil resists the flow of electricity. It is a critical factor in design of systems that rely on passing current through the Earth’s surface. An understanding of the soil resistivity and how it varies with depth in the soil is necessary to design the grounding system in an electrical substation, or for lightning conductors.

The Wenner four-pin method, as shown in figure above, is the most commonly used technique for soil resistivity measurements.Using the Wenner method, the apparent soil resistivity value is:


The Cross hole Seismic (CS) system determine shear and compressional wave velocity versus depth profiles. From these measurements, parameters, such as Poisson’s ratios and moduli, can be easily determined. In addition, the material damping can be determined from CS tests.

The Downhold Seismic (DS) investigations are similar to CS investigations, but require only one borehole to provide shear and compressional velocity wave profiles. The DS method uses a hammer as energy source at the surface to impact a wood plank and generate shear and compressional waves. This is typically accomplished by coupling a plank to the ground near the borehole and then impacting the plank in the vertical and horizontal directions. The energy from these impacts is then received by a pair of matching three component geophone receivers, which have been lowered downhole and data are kept and analysed.



 INCLINOMETER SYSTEM : Lateral movements within landslide, diaphragm wall and foundations can be measured precisely and economically by Inclinometer system. Our company provide you services in both installation and monitoring.

  • Inclinometer system for detection of lateral movement of earth structure and land slide.
  • Settlement monitoring system of building and embankment.
  • Piezometer and stand pipe system for monitoring pore water pressure of the soil.
  • Extensometer system for monitoring of tunnel convergence.
  • Monitoring well system for monitoring of ground water level and quality.


  • Sheet pile and bracing design.
  • Computer design and analysis of lateral earth pressure.

Secant pile wall inspection and monitoring

Concrete Coring (Sahaviriya Steel Factory : Bangsapan)

  • The employment of Konoe,KIC2000
    • By employing an electromagnetic induction-based method, the system makes possible non-contact confirmation of survey information.
    • Konoe has remarkably increased the reading distance of its KIC microchip.
    • The Konoe KIC microchip employs a battery system, so maintenance is easy.
    • The Konoe KIC microchip can be attached to the boundary marking items used in Konoe surveys and are easy to install.
    • The KIC2000 system can be used even under severe environmental conditions and provide absolute security.
  • Application Examples
    • Management of roadside and land boundary coordinate information.
    • Management of survey point information.
    • Management of information concerning buried items such as gas and water pipes.
    • Management of railway tracks, electric power cables, signals and communication cables.
    • Pipeline management in factories and plants.
    • Management of production and inspection processes.



  • Pulse and vibration test.
  • Seismic test
  • Sonic logging test

During pile construction, driven piles may be damaged by High Stress Impact, bored piles may suffer from separation of concrete, necking, inclusion, void etc.

After construction, bored piles may be damaged by lateral earth pressure from excavation, construction plants or slope failures.Those kinds of damage can be detected quickly by pile integrity tester. We provide service with the most up date pile integrity tester from Pile Dynamic Inc(PDI) and Test Consult.



To ensure loading performance of pile, load testing of piles are require . We are capable to conduct load test up to 3,000 tons by Anchorage System or by Kentledge System up to 300 tons.


Dynamic load testing (or dynamic loading) is a method to assess a pile’s bearing capacity by applying a dynamic load to the pile head (a falling mass) while recording acceleration and strain on the pile head. Our services on both driven and bored pile up to diameter 2.00 m can be tested.


Sonic logging can check integrity of large concrete bored pile, diaphragm wall etc. to ensure quality of the whole pile lenght.




  • Surveying works (Conventional and GPS Surveying).
  • Topographic and Route Survey.
  • Construction survey and levelling.
  • Material survey and investigation.


Building Investigation survey

Building condition survey at specified existing buildings/structures along underground construction line which may be affected by construction activities.



Earthquake monitoring system​

Earthquake monitoring at Mae tha lop luang dam, Chai prakarn district,Chiang mai Province.

Seismograph Installation and monitoring

Real time monitoring in dam and geotechnical work


Instrument installation is drilling process for setting real time monitoring equipment. There are many proper drills such as watering drill, weir drill.

Surface Settlement​

Surface settlement point is equipped in our real time monitoring system to measures subsidence of dam by using borehole extensometer system.The reports are remotely real time.

Seepage Flow​

The quantity of seepage flow will be real time calculated from the flow via V-notch weir in our real time system.

Stand Pipe Piezometer​

Standpipe piezometer is equipped in our real time system for real timing measures water pressure. It sets in standpipe in the appropriate depth.

Water Level​

Water level is automatic measured by using electric piezometer instead of old type staff gauge.

Data acquisition​

Data acquisition is the procedure for collecting data according to measurement from each instrument. It consists of data logger, interface module, and multiplexer. These system will measure, record, and transfer result via data transmission to server and will be processed and reported easily in website format.

Data transmission​

Data transmission is transmission of data securely for long distance via wireless network system to overcome the problem for area which cannot access to the internet.



Engineering Design

  • Building design.
  • Bridge Design.
  • Drainage Structure Design.
  • Water Supply System and Treatment Plant.
  • Waste Water Collection System and Treatment Plant.
  • Solid Waste Management.
  • Steel Structural Design.


Renewable energy consulting

We provide innovative business solutions to renewable energy companies for greater value, performance and profit. Our services include providing services in aspects such as strategies, design and construction and operations and maintenance.